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5 Tax Write Offs Most Crust Punks Miss

Tax season is coming to a close quicker than most of us would like to admit. With that in mind, it is time to start preparing your tax return. The faster I get my tax return filed, the faster I can start freaking out about the status of my tax refund. We all know being a crust punk is not only a lifestyle, but it is also a profession. The Hard Times has made a list of five common items most crust punks miss when preparing their taxes.

 1. Pet supplies:

Rules are different for crust punks, as animals can be claimed as dependents. Often times, a crust punk’s cute pit bull puppy is the only reason someone will give you spare change. If you have invested money in rope leashes, bandanas or even food for your pet, write it off.

 2. Tattoos:

Most people are under the assumption crust punks do their own stick-and-poke tattoo artwork. What these people fail to realize is that these poorly done and often heavily-infected tattoos do have a cost. They can prevent you from being even remotely employable at the most progressive businesses, and make most people view you as subhuman. Any respectable stick-and-poke tattoo artist requires some sort of payment, whether it is drugs or cash. These expenses can and should be written off.

 3. Charitable donations:

If you find yourself in a bind and finally need to ask your parents for a handout, do not fret about paying the taxes on that money. A charitable donation of this sort should not be a burden to the recipient. Simply re-direct the gift tax to your parents and, once again, you can write this off.

 4. Citations:

The police are a problem for any crust punk. Trespassing ordinances are getting more strict and more cities want proper identification on your pets. This leads to many crust punks getting cited. Thankfully, in the eyes of the tax law, this is just the cost of doing business and you can write off up to $1,500 of citations for the year.

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 5. Lice medication:

Living on the street and in squats doesn’t mean one needs to suffer from parasites. These medications can be expensive, and can also provide a quick buzz if you are low on alcohol. These expenses are considered medical and can be written off.

Hopefully these tips help you get a maximum return and help you spend another year on the streets.

Photo by Puknáč.