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5 Stick’ ’n Poke Tattoos That’ll Make You Look Totally- Oh God What Have I Done?

Hand poked tattoos, commonly referred to as “stick ’n poke” tattoos  have a long history throughout many different cultures. Mummified ancient Egyptians can be found with hand-poked tattoos still visible to this day. While the techniques and traditions have changed significantly with time one thing has always remained the same — the immediate feeling of regret.

Check out these FIVE stick ’n poke tattoos below that’ll definitely leave you asking yourself “Oh God, what have I done?”.


This 666 thigh piece is sure to make anyone look like a totally badass. Whether you’re an actual Satanist, a horror fan, or if it’s done ironically, it’s an absolute head turner. Especially at beaches, pool parties, and when your 6-year-old nephew asks you “Uncle Rick, why do you have numbers on your leg?”.


(Cluster of Dots)

Some call it the Capricorn constellation, others call a miscellaneous collection of dots. What’s certain is that you’ll never get sick of hearing strangers ask you “What is that, fleas? Are you covered in fleas? Oh, it’s a tattoo. Why would you get a tattoo of fleas?”.


(Break Stuff Toes)
Look, sometimes you’re young, you’re brash and yeah, maybe you’ve downed a couple 40s at this house show. With this “Break Stuff” toe tat you’ll never forget the feeling you had that night, after you chucked a bottle at a cop car, started a fight with a stranger, and then approached the dude in the corner with a bottle of India ink and a rusty needle.

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(Upside Down Cross)
The best part about tattoos is that sometimes you get one that’s a little more hidden, just for you and for that someone special. With this sexy little inverted cross hip piece, you’ll always have a racy surprise for anyone you bring home. It’s the kind of tattoo that leads you to whisper sensually in your lover’s ear, “I risked hepatitis for this joke tattoo, please stop laughing.”


(Mountain Sun?)
Tattoos can be symbols of great significance. For some it may be a tribute to a lost loved one, for others a emblem that offers strength. For some stick ’n pokes, however, they’re more of a symbol of… uh… spikey letter B? Mountains and sun? Look we don’t know, and you don’t have to know either. Just make sure to tell people it means something super cool and you obviously don’t regret it at all.