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5 Panic Attack Relief Tips You’ll Forget as Soon as You’re Having a Panic Attack

Uh-oh, it’s happening again. That flush feeling. The heart palpitations. Racing thoughts. The signs are clear: you are having another panic attack. But don’t worry, The Hard Times is here with five simple panic attack relief tips that you can use to get through this! Ya know, assuming you can remember them while your brain is on fire.

Just Breathe
Take a deep breath. Ugh, oh God it feels like you’re suffocating. How in the fuck can you take a deep breath?! It feels like there’s a belt around your chest. You can’t breathe. And now you’re dizzy. Are you going to pass out? Here? At work? In front of everyone? Oh great, now you’re thinking of every embarrassing middle school memory all at once. This is Hell.

Be In The Now
Okay, that last one didn’t help. Try some mindfulness so you can center yourself. Locate something green in the room, identify two smells, actively listen to your environment. Try not to think about how panic attack symptoms are almost identical to heart attack warning signs. Oh fuck, you thought about it. That’s okay, try breathing again. Alright now you’re crying and kinda choking at the same time. That isn’t helpful.

The old standby! This one should clear those pesky panic symptoms right up. Sit perfectly still while your body screams at you for no particular reason. Relaxed yet? No? Hmm. Maybe you should try meditation. Ya know, when your stomach isn’t twisted into knots from anxiety and you can eat again. Maybe next week sometime.


Forget Everything You Know About Panic Attacks
You were able to do this one? Awesome! The key to surviving panic in the moment is to ride the emotional waves and allow them to pass. Distracting yourself from the experience only compounds the issue. Plus, these skills are best used to help in preventing panic attacks; not stopping them. Feel better? You do? That’s great! Okay, now that that’s over, you can get back to what you were doing before: anxiously ruminating about having another panic attack.