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4 Zodiac Signs You Should Consider Making the Switch to

Astrology is pretty much the only thing on everyone’s mind nowadays. Unfortunately everyone kind of just gives in to the zodiac hand they’ve been dealt at birth. However, just because you grew up one sign doesn’t necessarily mean you have to live the pre-destined sign forever. Why not mix and match?

With today’s healing crystal technology and chakra realignment therapy methods there’s practically no limit to what astrologists can claim to do. If you’re one of those people who hate their astrological sign, like all Capricorns for instance, you should definitely consider making the switch to at least one of these ones.


Pisces are the sexy ones. Look no further than Brad Pitt. Sure, he was born a Sagittarius, but he clearly abandoned ship to become a Pisces at some point. So if you’re one of the ugly zodiac signs, I would highly consider getting your shit together and becoming hot, like a Pisces.

There are at least 27 billionaires who are Libras, so if you’re broke and a Virgo you should switch teams now while there’s still time. Libras seem to be really effective at hoarding money. Before you know it, all these billionaires won’t allow anyone else to have any money, anyway. Might as well join them.

The Leo sign is excellent in bed. While I still need a little more time to fully confirm my hypothesis, it’s a pretty safe bet considering my initial research was tested against a Gemini control group. So if you’re like an Aquarius or some shit and need some help pleasuring your lover, definitely think about making the switch strictly for sexual purposes.

My golden retriever is an Aries and she’s literally the best dog anyone could ask for. Aries is the first sign, which means they’re pioneers. They’re also amazing leaders. If it weren’t for my dog telling me she’s hungry I would never remember to feed her. Honestly, it really wouldn’t hurt you to be a little more like an Aries or my dog in general.