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We Chat With America’s Top 5 Online Bingo Winners About the Strategies that Made them Rich

You may have noticed that these days the news cycle has been dominated by stories of online bingo winners living it up. America is the land of opportunity. One day you may be a poor, lazy person who gambles online. But, if you work hard enough, you can become a rich, lazy person who gambles online!

Just like these five winners who we sat down with to discuss the strategies they used playing Bingo online at!

Abigail Shandy – “I created a winning environment”

Abigail told us the key to her success was creating a winning environment. She said her secret to making the best possible environment for winning is to keep track of your numbers with physical paper and a colored dabber (use washable ink, of course!). Also, take the time to set up your computer aka your “Bingo Battlestation.” Get a snack. Check Facebook one more time. Anything you need to do to get yourself comfortable and focused. Also, she doesn’t report her winnings to the IRS and that helps a lot, too.

Jameson Pile – “I tracked my wins”

Jameson rode this strategy all the way to the VIP lounge at He tracked the time of day and days of the week he was winning the most often and continued to do so as he incrementally amassed his bingo fortune. Mr. Pile says the key is, “in the edges.”

“You gotta eke out every win you can,” Mr. Pile explained via email. “The margins are so thin, but you can win as long as you play the percentages. Also, I embezzled all my winnings through a fake LLC.”

Tucker Everson – “I sat down in a chair”
Texas always has been and always will be the mecca of old school sit down in your face bingo action, but the dawn of online bingo saw that crown begin to lose its luster. Enter Tucker Everson, 49 years young, diabetic and quickly establishing himself as the Michael Jordan of Texas online bingo.

Everson invited us to his luxury Fort worth condo for a chance to learn from the master face to face.

The Hard Times: Mr. Everson thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us.
Everson: You want a root beer barrel?
Oh uhm, I’ll take one for later if you don’t mind, thanks.
Plenty more where that came from. Since my good fortune with the boxes on the interwebs I am flush with hard candy.
What would you say is your greatest strength as a bingo player?
My ass. Bingo is a sitting man’s game. We had a saying back at the bingo hall, ‘If you can’t handle the seat, get out of the chair.’ The same thing applies to online bingin, maybe even more so. There’s an athleticism to it that most folks don’t understand.
How do you mean?
You gotta make sure you got the right blood flow. Without that, you won/t make it past hour four. When I’m training for a tournament I don’t start drinking until two hours past noon and I switch to ultralights.
What would you say is the main advantage of playing bingo virtually?
Well at the Elks club they frowned on my habit of being in an old coffee can to keep playing. With the dawn of the internet, that obstacle is a thing of the past.
That explains the smell.
That’s the smell of money being made my friend.
Well thank you for your time, we need to get going.
You need the can?

Belinda Landers – “I was not aware that I was playing online bingo”

This woman has turned beginners’ luck into an art form. Apparently Ms. Landers, a retired elementary school teacher from McHenry Illinois, was attempting to “electronically mail” her grandson Arthur Bing and somehow wound up hitting it big on

“I hope i did it right.” Ms. Landers explained. “I went on the google and typed in my grandson’s name and then had to type in my banking information a bunch of times, is that normal?”

It should be noted that Landers’ strategy may not be for everyone. Her bingo winnings are significant but do not begin to cover the debt she has accumulated due to various online scams.

Leo Polenski – “I will take my bingo secrets to the grave, get off my land”

The takeaway here is secrecy. If you find something that works for you, keep it to yourself. This, we assume, was the intended message behind the warning shots Mr. Polenski fired near our car upon approaching his property.

Check out next week’s interview with America’s top five Slots winners about the strategies they used playing slots at Spoiler alert: they’re the exact same ones as bingo. Happy playing!