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VIDEO PREMIERE: The Bollweevils “Resistance”

Listen up nerds, The Bollweevils took a brief two-decade-long break from writing music because their singer Daryl Wilson decided to go become a doctor and then a trusted voice during the Covid-19 pandemic. Here at The Hard Times we are very anti-education. We believe you learn everything you need to know from sketchy guys who hang out by the dumpsters at shows. Despite all that we are proud to premiere The Bollweevils’ latest video “Resistance” which was made by Chicago-based comic artist Ech.  Check it out then scroll down for more.

A word from Dr. Daryl Wilson about the new song:

“It only took us 28 years to get ‘good’ enough to be recognized by The Hard Times. This is the pinnacle of clout for The Bollweevils… we’re huge fans! This may be a satire site, but the song ‘Resistance’ is no joke. Resistance is the key to all punk rock. We figured if you keep yelling the same phrase over and over it resonates with the inner freedom fighter. Thanks to comic artist Ech and The Hard Times for shining a light on this new stuff!”

Go pick up The Bollweevils’ new album “Essential” by clicking here.

And if you want to check them out live you should mark your calendars:

5/20 – Montreal, QC @ Pouzza Fest

5/27 – Chicago, IL @ Chop Shop

10/27 – Gainesville, FL @ The Fest