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Sonic Temple Comedy Tent Audience Cautiously Optimistic About New Black Flag Lineup

Sonic Temple Art + Music Festival — Audience members in SiriusXM Comedy’s Spoken Word Tent were intrigued by what they assumed was a new Black Flag lineup, consisting of Henry Rollins, Andrew Dice Clay, and Pauly Shore, according to witnesses.

Members of the crowd admitted to being “a little confused, but also weirdly excited” by the surprising lineup.

“I think Andrew Dice Clay used to play drums before he got into comedy,” Christopher Sandoval, one of the attendees, said. “I honestly haven’t heard anything about Pauly Shore for like, a decade, but that’s probably because he’s been holed up somewhere learning all Black Flag’s old guitar parts.”

Sandoval’s girlfriend, Brittni Brown, shared his cautious optimism over the lineup, which she called “baffling as hell, but maybe that somehow makes it more punk.”

“Something about it makes me feel like it’s going to be a super violent set with a lot of fighting in the crowd,” Brown said. “Plus, with Shore’s experience faking his death, seems like they’re ready to avoid any legal action that Greg Ginn might throw their way.”

At least one person in attendance was hoping the notoriously brash Clay would eventually “throw the fuck down” with Rollins during their set at the festival.

“It’d be tight to see [Clay] and [Rollins] in a full-on brawl, just a whirlwind of fists and leather jackets and tiny shorts,” said Vera Wilson. “All these big personalities on stage at the same time, it’s practically guaranteed to happen. And you never know, Pauly could turn out to be pretty brutal in a fight. He’s a wildcard with nothing to lose.”

“If nothing else,” Wilson added, “I guess I’ll finally get to hear what ‘Rise Above’ and ‘Six Pack’ sound like when performed by stand-up comics. That’s worth something.”

Only Vincent Reed, a security guard working near the stage, expressed less than the crowd’s reserved anticipation.

“I know these kids think they’re hot shit when they pick fights with the band and everything,” said the wary Reed, reaching reflexively for his taser. “Shit. They’re not ready for the kind of punishment these spoken word artists will rain down if they start heckling. They won’t know what hit ‘em.”

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