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Review: PUP “Morbid Stuff”

Each week The Hard Times reviews the latest and greatest in punk rock. This week we took a look at PUP’s 2019 album “Morbid Stuff” because we… wait… 2019?! Oh holy fuck!!! We are way, way far behind on our reviews.

Shit, how did this even happen? I mean, quarantine obviously didn’t help, but we’ve been using that as an excuse for a while now so we should probably figure out how we ended up reviewing an album from four years ago as a new release.

And now that we think of it, have those guys done much lately? Four years is a long time, but if they’ve been quiet since then we might be able to get away with this. Let’s just check Wikipedia quickly. They have released three other records since then! Fuck, this is so fucked up. What was the band thinking? Stop being so prolific, take a breath, adopt a dog, just stop writing music for one goddamned minute so we can figure out what the fuck we need to do.

Forget it, let’s just get something down real fast. PUP’s “Morbid Stuff” sounds like… shit, what did the album sound like. It was so long ago and we were on so much ketamine at the time, good stuff too. Never mind it sounds like early PUP… or possibly later PUP… but also with… different than both of those. Wow, that last sentence is so vague it could be a pop-country song.

Alright, alright, let’s bring this home. “Morbid Stuff” is about lots of really, really, really morbid stuff. And we’re like 30% sure that that’s true. Also, it has a very fun and colorful album cover, with knives! Pretty punk, eh? Can’t go wrong with knives. Hey real quick, remember when every hardcore band had brass knuckles in their logo? What a weird time.

Look, what do you want from us? We fucking dropped the ball on this one, okay? If you’re a fan of other PUP albums then this is also one of them. Make up your own mind while we go figure out exactly where the hell all of the time went.

SCORE: Seriously? How the hell should we know?