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Review: Drug Church “Hygiene”

This week we decided to take a look at Drug Church’s latest release, “Hygiene,” and we found as we reviewed… ugh… you know what, no. We just can’t do it this week. This is all becoming a little bit much.

Sorry, we know you were all really geared up to read our review of Drug Church but we are just way, way too out of it lately. Like we tried to listen to the album three whole times already but all we keep thinking about is all the bills we have due and the dishes that need to be done and we haven’t even started on our thank you notes from Christmas – it’s all just a lot right now.

And we try to focus on something like “Hygiene” and then it’s all “you know we still haven’t scrubbed all those hard water stains out of the shower that the landlord has really been on us about. And now they are saying they’re gonna add a fee to our rent if we don’t take care of it but it’s like “we aren’t the maid, bro. You clean it. And please do something about the black mold under the sink, I’m getting really sick.”

Plus we’ve been, like, really overtired lately, even more than usual. And so whenever we do have free time we’ve mostly just been chilling – laying down, eating Ben & Jerry’s. You get it? I’m not sure if this falls under whatever late-stage capitalism is, but it seems like it might. I never really understood the phrase and, if you haven’t guessed by now, I don’t feel like looking it up.

Also, we just Postmated a whole crate of Zebra Cakes that should be here soon so we’re gonna have to probably walk downstairs to get those and like, maaaaaaannnnnnnnn there are so many steps, 22 to be exact. This building really needs an elevator.

So if you wanna give Drug Church a listen, go ahead we guess. Those guys are usually pretty cool, we think. Meanwhile, we got our own shit to deal with and we don’t really want to ‘cause we’ve gotten super into the “The Boys” recently and we gotta get back to binging that.

Score: Whatever, you figure it out, we’re bored.