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Music News: Former Disney Channel Star was “Obsessed” with Kurt Cobain

Music News: Former Disney Channel star Selena Gomez has revealed that she was “obsessed” with Kurt Cobain earlier in her life.

Speaking on Jimmy Kimmel Live (via NME), Gomez revealed that she used to cut her hair like the Nirvana legend.

“My mom obviously would play all kinds of music for me growing up” the singer and actress revealed. “I kind of got obsessed and dyed my hair and cut my hair like him [Kurt].”

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Music News: Selena Gomez Makes Kurt Cobain Revelation

“I know a little too much [about him],” Gomez revealed, noting that she would “rewatch his interviews, I would watch his performances, I had seen his documentary like 12 times.”

Despite Selena apparently being a massive fan of the grunge pioneer, it does not appear to have spilt over into her own music.

The “Only Murders in the Building” star recently released her latest single ‘Love On,’ and you can find out below if there’s any Nirvana influence in there yourself.

(Spoiler: It’s like listening to something directly off of Bleach, incredible)


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