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Bands Like NOFX: Who To Listen To If You Love The Punk Legends

If you’re a fan of NOFX, the iconic punk band known for their fast-paced instrumentals, (sometimes) politically charged lyrics, and irreverent humour (you probably wouldn’t be here if you weren’t), then you’re likely always on the lookout for similar bands that capture the same spirit and energy.

Even though they seem to be going on the longest farewell tour of all time (rivalling KISS at this point), it’s going to be a sad day for many, and a happy day for many, when NOFX do hang up their proverbial boots and call it a day.

With that in mind, here are some other bands that you can check out that sound like NOFX, and if you’re a fairly seasoned head at this point you’ll probably know most of these, but if you’re not, then enjoy!

Bands Like NOFX: The Skate Punkers

Bad Religion

Considering that Fat Mike has on many an occasion admitted that he basically tried to rip off Bad Religion’s Suffer album to make the original NOFX sounf, you’re probably not shocked to see them here.

Politically charged and harmonies for days, cracking on Bad Religion when you’re looking for a band like NOFX to listen to will satiate that hunger.


Pennywise are another band that has a similar style and sounds to Fat Mike and Co. Hailing from the same Southern California punk scene as NOFX, Pennywise embodies the skate punk ethos with their fast-paced songs and anthemic choruses.

Their tracks are filled with messages of defiance and social commentary, and they resonate well with fans of NOFX’s sound.


Fat Mike signed Lagwagon to Fat Wreck in the very early days, so it’s not a surprise that later NOFX would even start to sound a bit like ‘wagon at points.

Melodic as hell, having genuine emotional depth to a lot of their songs and technical proficiency that would maybe even make some metalheads jealous, Lagwagon are great.

Bands Like NOFX: Street(ish) Punk

The Vandals

The Vandals are known for their humorous and often satirical take on punk rock.

Their music offers a blend of catchy melodies and witty lyrics, making them a perfect fit for fans of NOFX who appreciate the lighter side of punk (which is none of you lot who read stuff on here you miserable fucks).


Rancid, with their blend of punk and ska, offers a diverse sound that appeals to a wide range of punkers and rude boys, including a lot of NOFX fans.

Their gritty, street sensibility (lol) and catchy hooks make them a band that NOFX fans also like, and their split EP with ‘FX themselves is pretty decent.

Bands Like NOFX: Melodic Hardcore Influences


The Descendents are pioneers of melodic hardcore (to put it lightly) influencing countless bands within the punk scene, including NOFX.

Their blend of catchy melodies, fast-paced music, and personal, introspective lyrics make them a seminal band for anyone, whether or not they’re even into NOFX.

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