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Best NOFX Songs Ranked: Linoleum and More

NOFX stands as a pivotal force in the skate punk scene, maintaining their hardcore roots while navigating the mainstream surge of punk in the ’90s without signing to a major label.

Their journey from the raw edges of their early work to the politically charged anthems of their later years showcases a band unafraid to evolve while staying true to their ethos.

Here, I delve into the best NOFX songs, and if you don’t agree with the tracks that I’ve picked then you’re a terrible person.

Best NOFX Songs: The Evolution of Their Sound

From their inception, NOFX carved a niche within the punk scene with their fast-paced rhythms, sharp lyrics, and unapologetic social commentary. The addition of El Hefe in 1992 marked a turning point, introducing a blend of jazz-infused guitar riffs and refined storytelling that would become a hallmark of their sound.

Albums like “Punk in Drublic” and “The War on Errorism” not only solidified their place in punk history but also showcased their ability to tackle social and political issues with wit and fervour.

The Best NOFX Songs That I Picked and you can’t question me

5. The Decline: An 18-minute epic that critiques American society with energy and passion. The fact that Fat Mike and co could actually play this live is incredible.

4. USA-holes: A politically charged anthem that stands out for its lyrical imagery and instrumental excellence, including one of El Hefe’s most memorable solos.

3. The Separation of Church and Skate: Separation critiques the commercialization of punk, blending sharp lyrics with a fast-as-hell instrumental.

2. Six Years on Dope: A track from their First Ditch Effort LP (actually my favourite), Six Years tackles the dark reality of addiction, highlighted by Eric Melvin’s raw vocal delivery.

1. Linoleum: It has to be doesn’t it? It’s Linoleum.

The Legacy of NOFX

NOFX’s legacy is not just in the songs they’ve created but in the ethos they’ve embodied. Their willingness to address complex issues, from addiction to political disillusionment, without losing their sense of humour or musical integrity, has endeared them to fans worldwide.

With the band set to retire (I think? How long has this last tour been!?) It’s worth checking out some of their absolute classics.