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One Step Closer Announce New Album and Release “Leap Years” Track

Music News: One Step Closer has announced that they will be releasing a new album titled All You Embrace in May 2024.

The new album is coming out via Run For Cover Records and the band has released a video for the lead single called “Leap Years.”

One Step Closer are heading out on their North American co-headlining tour alongside Anxious and Koyo today. You can get tickets for the individual shows on said tour via the official One Step Closer site.

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Music News: One Step Closer New Album Tracklist

If you’re wondering, here is the tracklisting for the new album:

1. Color You

2. Leap Years

3. Blur My Memory

4. The Gate

5. Your Hazel Tree

6. Orange Leaf

7. Esruc

8. Slow to Let Go

9. Topanga

10. Giant’s Despair

11. So Far From Me

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One Step Closer New Track

The new track “Leap Years” has a very mid-2000s emo sound, even to the point that the chorus sounds quite Bullet For My Valentine-y in nature.

You can also check out the new track Leap Years (released on February 29th conveniently) below via YouTube.

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