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Music News: IDLES Frontman Suggests Songs To Get Your Kids To Sleep

Music News: IDLES frontman Joe Talbot has suggested some tracks to help your kids go to sleep, and there’s no punk on it.

Appearing on CBeebies’ Bedtime Stories (a show where celebrities read children’s stories), he made some recommendations on tracks that should help the little ones drift off.

He recommended the 1998 song ‘Tezeta’ by Mulatu Astatke. “That’s Ethiopian Jazz and it feels very much like the path of a butterfly, and it soothes me too” he revealed (via NME).

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Music News: Joe Talbot from IDLES Suggests Sleepy-Time Songs

Talbot’s second suggestion was ‘Nobody Gets What They Want Anymore’ by Marlon Williams and Aldous Harding, with the IDLES frontman describing it as “a beautiful song by two beautiful artists, with two beautiful voices.”

“My third choice is another absolutely wonderful pairing: ‘Your Young Voice’ and it’s by King Creosote and Jon Hopkins,” he added.. “The whole album is a beautiful, beautiful journey, using field music and all sorts of things. It’s a wonderful vignette. I really love it.”

So if you’re looking for tracks to help get the kids to sleep at night, these might be the ones you go for. It is not suggested that you use IDLES songs to try and get the nap started.

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