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Music News: The Chisel Frontman Talks Having Imposter Syndrome Playing Festivals with Slipknot

Music News: Cal Graham of English Hardcore band The Chisel recently spoke to KERRANG about the band and his own imposter syndrome.

Having moved to London over a decade ago, the Blackpool-born punk formed The Chisel in 2020 with Charlie Manning-Walker of Chubby And The Gang and Nicholas Sarnella of Violent Reaction and Arms Race.

He would reveal that the lyrics he wrote for their new LP What A Fucking Nightmare were all last-minute, keeping a sense of veracity to his delivery on the ’82-inspired record: “I’m not the most philosophical person, I’m not that smart. I only try to be myself. So what you get is basically the way I talk.”

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Music News: The Chisel’s Cal Graham talks about Imposter Syndrome

Cal also revealed that he isn’t making a full-time living from the band, but he isn’t really ever expecting to, noting “None of us are making a living out of this, I doubt we ever will.”

The British frontman also noted that his age (only 37) and status as still working class makes it feel odd to be playing some of the big shows they have been a part of:

“I’m 37 years old. We all have full-time jobs. I get imposter syndrome sometimes. What is a band screaming this and that doing playing festivals with Slipknot in America?”

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The Hard Times Real News: The Chisel are actually amazing, listen to them

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