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Music News: Gwen Stefani Talks No Doubt Status With Coachella Announcement

No Doubt frontwoman and advocate for sh*t being “bananas” Gwen Stefani recently discussed the return of the ska punk-tinged band.

Speaking to PEOPLE, Stefani revealed what it was like confirming that she would be rejoining the band at Coachella 2024 and what the future holds for the ‘Don’t Speak’ legends.

“It just happened so fast [the reunion], and that’s my favorite kind of thing to happen” the singer revealed. “We haven’t really figured out the next steps of how we’re going to do this, but we’re just all so excited. And I think really just watching the internet blow up [with] how excited that the fans are? It’s inspiring us.”

“It’s just going to be cool and it’s just going to be: get up there and do what we always do, which is play our music and try to connect and be so grateful that we got this amazing career that we never expected to have,” she added.

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Music News: Gwen Stefani Talks Reuniting with No Doubt

Although there doesn’t appear to be any official indication of what the group will be doing post-Coachella, it seems likely that a full reunion tour could be on the cards.

So the band will be finally getting back together in April for Coachella 2024, which is set to be headlined by Lana Del Rey, Tyler, the Creator, and Doja Cat.

Last year’s festival saw the big comeback gig for Blink 182 following Mark Hoppus’ battle with cancer, so it appears that reunions could be THE thing for the festival over the next few years potentially.

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