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Five Questions – Ray from The Zipheads

Five Questions is a new series here on The Hard Times because I am lazy and will just ask the same 5 questions of people.

This time it is Ray from The Zipheads, and they decided to answer my questions even though the questions themselves are largely stupid.

Five Questions to Ray from The Zipheads

    • Who the hell are you and what the hell do you do? We’re The Zipheads and we play shows every week and release a record every 8 years.
    • What the hell is your favourite record and why the hell should we fucking care? Favourite record is Can’t Stand The Rezillos by The Rezillos and you should care because everyone needs more Scottish punk bands in their life who aren’t The Exploited (agreed – Jake)
    • You get to make a band including you playing your usual instrument, who the hell are you picking? I’d have Crispin Glover on lead vocals- he’s a terrifying singer and his albums are batshit crazy. I play guitar so who even cares who the drummer and bassist is anyway? (that band would have density)
    • What the hell is your favourite Hard Times article? We’re a rockabilly-adjacent band (we have a double bass anyway) so I’ll tell you my LEAST favourite article and that’s “Child Of Rockabilly Couple Contstantly Wondering What The Fuck Is Going On”- people send me this article every week. Its a great article and those rockabilly couples are real for sure (I’ve met them many times) but I’m not some rockabilly purist and I don’t have kids ‘cause I’m not an idiot so stop. sending. me. that. shit (that article is here: Child of Rockabilly Couple Constantly Wondering What the Fuck Is Going On (
    • Where the hell can we find you online? (that’s right we replaced the w’s with z’s cause apparently you can do that) Spotify, Instagram, Facebook etc… people must know all this by now? Just search us on the zorld zide zeb.

Check out the quite frankly brilliant video for “How Do You Like Me Now?” below:

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