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Fair Do’s releasing new single in July

UK band Fair Do’s will be releasing their new single “Eustress” on July 10th 2024 through Lockjaw Records and Thousand Islands Records.

The band are vehemently Anti-Fascist, Feminist and Queer positive, the now five-piece aim to break the negative attributes anchored around the sometimes problematic Skate Punk and Melodic Hardcore genres’ history.

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Fair Do’s releasing new single

Fair Do’s say that they “own their narrative” and “channel it through an amorphous sound, one riddled with as much breakneck tempo as it is complexity-ridden song structures and keen technical proficiency, cherry-picking the past to fuel the future.”

The band have shared stages with the likes of A Wilhelm Scream, Frenzal Rhomb, H2O, Strung Out and Strike Anywhere and also list Death By Stereo, Belvedere, Sikth and Propagandhi among their influences.

Check out the video for one of their older tracks “1000 Miles” here.

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