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Every Taking Back Sunday Album Ranked

Taking Back Sunday dominated the emo scene of the early oughts and influenced so many bands of the era. They also had a legendary rivalry with Brand New, which Taking Back Sunday eventually won mainly because Jesse Lacy proved to be a creep. Anyway, we ranked all their albums, you might disagree with our top spot, but we don’t care what you have to say about it. Go whine to the police for all we care.

7. Tidal Wave (2016)

I haven’t gotten around to listening to TBS’s latest album, seeing as it just came out in 2016. Seven years might seem like a long time, but it’s only 6 months in “I’m in my 30s” years. We just have to assume it belongs here in last place.

Play it again: “Tidal Wave”

Skip it: “I Felt It Too”



6. New Again (2009)

This is the worst version of the classic Taking Back Sunday formula: Adam Lazzara sharing vocal duty with another guy who also can’t really sing (but can at least play guitar).

Play it again: “Sink into Me”

Skip it: “Where My Mouth Is”




5. Taking Back Sunday (2011)

It’s never good when a band makes their fifth album self-titled. That’s some failed reinvention, midlife crisis type shit. You know these guys named the studio’s WiFi “Taking Back Sunday” and the password was “takingbacksunday” and I hope they got their identities stolen, because they deserved it after this one.  But hey, click here if you want to add this to your record collection.

Play it again: Best Places To Be A Mom (Finally, a song about shopping at Target)

Skip it: Money (Let It Go)

4. Louder Now (2006)

When it comes to getting into popular bands, there’s a right and wrong time. The first record is for the diehards, but the second is still early enough to jump on the bandwagon. But getting really into the band’s third record?? Christ. I bet The Matrix Revolutions is your favorite movie, ya jackass.

Grab a copy for yourself in our merch store, click here.

Play it again: What’s It Feel Like To Be A Ghost?

Skip it: Miami (Emo songs should be about Detroit or Cleveland…let Pitbull have Miami)

3. Happiness Is (2014)

This is a good album even though “Happiness is…” was also a prompt on my rather disastrous appearance on Family Feud. My answer was “taking a big crap at work.” Apparently no one surveyed felt the same way, and my family hasn’t spoken to me since. Steve Harvey said he 100% agreed, for the record.

Buy this album and send it to my dad and maybe he will forgive me, click here.

Play it again: Stood a Chance

Skip it: Preface (An ambient music album opener? Chill out, Dream Theater)

2. Tell All Your Friends (2002)

This album still has the perfect lyrics for when you need an AIM away message that will make your girlfriend and best friend both ask, “Oh shit, is that about me?” And maybe you’re thinking this album should be number 1 on our list, and maybe you’re right. But just remember the ice caps are melting and you will die from a new plague before we change our mind.

Remember CDs? They are coming back. Check it out.

Play it again: You’re So Last Summer

Skip it: Ghost Man On Third

1. Where You Want to Be (2004)

You probably think this is only my favorite because I was a high school student on Long Island when it came out. Well, the joke’s on you…I was a high school student on Long Island when all of these albums came out! And I’ll never graduate because I vow to spend the rest of my life reading on a 10th-grade level and listening to music on an 8th-grade level.

Play it again: …Slowdance On The Inside

Skip it: New American Classic (No ballads for me, I actually prefer to weep in my car to a quick tempo)