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Punks React: Trump Found Liable for Sexual Abuse and Defamation

A New York jury found former President Donald Trump liable for sexually abusing and defaming writer E. Jean Carroll. As a result, Trump has been ordered to pay Carroll $5 million in compensatory and punitive damages. We took to the streets to see what punks thought about the verdict.

Greg Steven, Bartender

“I don’t think the verdict went far enough. The only form of punishment I accept is complete castration.”

Shane McGovern, Mechanic

“There was always something about Trump I didn’t like, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I guess it was his pattern of abusive behavior that he openly admitted to multiple times.”

Hanna Fendie, Tattoo Artist

“Finally, the Mueller Report worked.”

Freddie Danvers, Unemployed Libertarian

“I bet the liberal media is going to spin this to make Trump somehow look bad.”

Micah Jennings, Etsy Shop Owner

“I prefer Presidents who don’t sexually abuse people. One day I hope to get a president who doesn’t.”

April Truman, Office Assistant

“This is only going to make his base angrier and worse to be around at Thanksgiving. Something I didn’t think was possible.”

James Stedman, Applebee’s Server

“This makes me wonder how many other powerful rich white men are total shitheads.”

David Junie, Intern

“I’ve been saying this for a long time, we need to believe women. Unless it’s my ex-girlfriend, please don’t listen to anything she has to say.”