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Punks React: The Writers Guild of America Go On Strike

The Writers Guild of America’s Board of Directors voted unanimously to call for a strike effective immediately, which will bring television production to a halt. We took to the streets to ask punks what they thought about the situation.

Blaine Schafer, Barista

“I’m in solidarity with the writers. I will not read a single television show until this whole thing is resolved.”

Gracie Truman, Music Blogger

“Great. Just when I finally got around to watching ‘The Wire.’ I guess I’ll never know how it ends now.”

Tim Lyle, Warehouse Supervisor

“I hope the writers get what they deserve. I know how hard it is to write for television because I run an Instagram meme account.”

Jake Snell, Grocery Store Clerk

“Unbelievable. I guess I’ll have to watch old episodes of ‘Crank Yankers’ and ‘Win Ben Stein’s Money ‘to get my Jimmy Kimmel fix.”

Deb Studer, UPS Driver

“I support the writers unless I have to do anything personally.”