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Punks React: Apple’s New Vision Pro Headset

Apple recently announced a new augmented reality headset called Vision Pro, which will be driven by a first-ever spatial operating system. The headset will launch in 2024 and cost $3,499. We took to the streets to get punks’ thoughts on the new exciting product.

Guy Clark, Chef

“As long as it doesn’t come pre-loaded with a U2 album I’ll be happy.”

Jenn Newman, Cashier

“I can’t wait. The Vision Pro is about to revolutionize the way I stare at a screen all day.”

Gary Daniels, Office Assistant

“No thanks. I’m happy with my Google Glass.”

Craig Singleton, Hotel Bellhop

“This is really going to be an upgrade from my iPod Nano.”

Hayley Carrol, Server

“Great, now I’ll be subject to a 360-degree panoramic view of unsolicited dick pics.”

Noreen Mckee, Social Worker

“And yet no word on whether I can get mine with prescription lenses.”

Jerry Blanchard, Blogger

“I’ll wait for the refurbished ones to come out, so I can save 80 bucks.”

Eddie Weldin, Unemployed

“But how will this upgrade my PornHub experience?”

Chuck Angule, Janitor

“For $3500, I can look like the dorkiest passenger on an American Airlines flight.”

Joanne Tremens, Restaurant Host

“Finally, a screen that is two inches away from my face and covers my eyes entirely.”

Sasha Solomon, Barista

“Your move, Android.”