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Your Self-worth Shouldn’t Come From a Career, It Should Come From Social Media

Are you one of those people who derive their internal sense of worth and belonging from a career? That’s no way to go through life! You’ve been chasing that dragon for so long that you think it’s the only way to feel accomplishment. Well, put down that briefcase and pick up your phone because all of your self-esteem should be coming from social media apps.

The more you’re on social media, the more worth you’ll accrue over time. That’s why my day consists entirely of switching between social apps, hunting for more of that sweet self-worth. And it’s totally working. As soon as I reach 10,000 likes on my latest Instagram Reel I’m going to feel absolutely incredible. It’s been 12 hours since I posted it and only need 9,987 more to go.

I just feel bad for people who haven’t seen the light yet. For example, I have a friend who works as a nurse by day and helps out at a soup kitchen for free on the weekends. But she doesn’t even have Twitter. How is she supposed to get those precious dopamine hits if no one can retweet or fave her posts? Such a shame.

Then another one of my other pals started a non-profit where he arranges shelter for homeless people. Sucker. That’s not where self-worth comes from. It comes from upping your follower count on TikTok from 37 to 38 in only a matter of months.

There are also incredible downsides to getting any inch of self-worth from a career. Like, what if you get a promotion or a raise? You could easily fall into the “worth trap” and constantly seek more and more approval at work. That never happens online.

Not to mention, you can’t get that ultimate esteem-boosting blue checkmark if you live your life through the scope of a career. The only thing worse than getting self-worth from your job is getting it through family and friends. That’s why I steer clear of them.