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Opinion: What America Needs Is a Show Where Celebrities Share Their Love of Rare and Expensive Cars

There’s no denying that we as a nation are living through the curse of “interesting times.” Our economy is terrible, our climate grows worse every year, and the divide between right and left has never been wider.

What we need more than anything right now is something we can all get behind, something to restore our crumbling mono-culture. I’m referring of course to a television show where rich celebrities talk about cars most of us could never afford.

Imagine seeing a famous guy who’s always in movies driving a fast car actually driving a car and saying “Hey, I’m the guy from the thing and I own this with money I have.” Think of the curative effect that would have on us as a people right now.

What’s more, the celebrities could be using the cars to do everyday things, like get coffee, brag about their lucrative careers and treat waitstaff like animals, just like us!

I’m tired of seeing people like Robert Downey Jr. in movies forced to play some schluby Iron Man type. Just once I would like to see him in nice clothes driving a fast car that costs more than my family’s net worth put together and just generally showcasing how cool his life is.

Unfortunately, with the exception of “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” “Jay Leno’s Garage,” “Million Dollar Wheels,” “Downey’s Dream Cars,” “Celebrity Car Wars,” “Top Gear,” “West Coast Customs,” and “Paul Hollywood’s Big Continental Road Trip” there are hardly even a dozen shows that fit the bill.

I know new projects are hard to green-light right now due to the writers and actors strikes, but that’s what makes this the perfect time for my idea! Like many Americans I am naive enough to believe that reality shows aren’t scripted, and the celebrities would just be playing themselves!

It’s time for Hollywood to accept the fact that the content they put out sends a message to society, and that message should be “Jason Momoa looks great in a Ferrari.”