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Opinion: Oh Yeah? Well This C-Plus Essay by a College Sophomore on the Cuban Revolution Begs to Differ

Hey, remember three weeks ago when we got into that argument about Socialism? You said that I didn’t have any, as you called it, “empirical data” to back up “wild a baseless accusations that under Socialism the government will make mother eat their children while congressmen watched and masturbated.”

Well, it took some digging but I found this essay on a website that sells papers to college kids. The paper is about the Cuban Revolution, got a C-Plus, and consistently misspells Castro – BUT it proves my point exactly. And, since it was graded by a TA then it is technically peer reviewed from some liberal brainwashing university.

The essay titled “Catstro Was A Monster” was written by sophomore Craig Billingsly for his Latin American History elective at William & Mary College. Sure he gets Communism and Socialism confused and calls Che Guevara ‘El Presidente’ for some reason but he paints a horrific picture of Cuba.

In his paper Billingsley says that the Castro regime forced people to smoke cigars made of their own hair. They executed people for saying “God Bless You” after a sneeze. They went so far as to force everyone in the country stand in line at the same time

Also is Commu/Socialism is so good then how come The Bay Of Pigs was such a success?! According to Billingsly, a man named, “Sergeant Slaughter single-handedly took on the pigs and did gave Huber Matos a Stone Cold Stunner.”

There are no footnotes on the paper but someone wouldn’t just make up details about major historical events. I’ve looked Billingsley up and according to his LinkedIn he currently heads a powerful conservative think-tank called The Eichmann Institute. Liars don’t achieve powerful positions.

Check and Mate.