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Opinion: Men Can Be #Girlbosses Too

2020 is a year of cultural transformation. It’s been personally difficult for me, as I didn’t know racism still existed. And upon further internet searching, it appears that there are still traces of misogyny out in the world. That downright stinks. I hate it. So I decided to become a feminist. It’s tough work, but I spend my days replying to women on Twitter on how they could have improved their jokes for even better effect. You’re welcome.

But here’s the one thing I just don’t understand: if a woman does something special like get promoted or smash their cheating ex’s windshield or assume leadership of North Korea while her brother is sick, they get called a “#Girlboss” all over social media. And they totally should! But if I (a feminist) were to do the same exact thing, no one calls me a #Girlboss. Hell, they don’t even call me a “hero.” My follower count is pathetic. What gives?

Is it possible that this is reverse misogyny? It feels like I’m now a target of hate solely because I am a woman-supporting feminist. But Susan B. Anthony didn’t die for me to take this abuse quietly. She died for women and men and boys and dudes to be the #Girlbosses they want to see in the world. I refuse to let her down, and I will stand up and start demanding recognition for my feminist efforts.

It’s the same bullshit that got me kicked out of the r/WitchesVsPatriarchy subreddit. I like Stevie Nicks and weird types of tea too! And there was that one time I accidentally saged my apartment because those asshole neighborhood kids sold me sage instead of weed.

If women want to be treated as equals, they are going to need to quit this bullshit gatekeeping.

I go to extreme lengths to applaud and reward women for posting thirst traps on Instagram. A picture with your forearms covering your nipples? I want you to know that you are SEEN and you are LOVED. Take my like. Just don’t forget that Instagram likes, like American freedom, aren’t free. So explain to me again how I am not a #Girlboss?