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Opinion: Just Plug the Mic Into the Bass Amp

Fuck, every input on Dan’s PA is broken? Check the third one. The third one always works. No, you have to use a little bit of duct tape to make sure it sits in there right. Oh fuck me, the last show busted this one too?

Does anyone else have a PA? Ask everyone here if they have a PA. We need one for the next band. Jeremy says he has one at his band’s practice space. He’s going to text the guys and see if anyone can go get it. Do we have time? The cops will be back at 10 pm.

Wait, just plug it into the guitar amp. FUCK. That doesn’t work. That sounds tinny as fuck. Does anyone have a megaphone? That’d be fun. No? Fuck it, he’ll just scream. Yea, he’s loud, he’ll just scream.

How is this possible?! A PA system is like the cheapest part of a band’s gear… or a venue’s gear. Shit.

OK, that set was shit. I couldn’t hear him. Could you? No, right? Wait… Just plug it into the bass amp. Yea, we should just plug it into the bass amp. The warmer tones of the amp will match a PA system much better. Oh fuck, did that just blow the amp?

Okay, now we need a new bass amp. Does anyone have a bass amp?