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Opinion: It’s Fine To Drunk Text Your Ex on Valentine’s Day Because It’s Too Late I Already Did It

It’s fine. I am telling you it’s fine. If it will make you feel better I will already do it first. I mean I haven’t texted my ex yet, but if I did, I sent it ten minutes ago. You’re not wishing your ex a Happy Valentine’s day that would be weird because you’re not dating anymore. You’re just texting “hey lol” because your best friend can tell you not text your ex but no one is going to tell you do it. And sometimes it’s too fucking late and you need to justify actions you’ve already taken.

It’s love day and whether you’re in a relationship or listening to music that’s making you think about stuff there are plenty of ways to celebrate. I’m two Valentine’s day cocktails in and working on 12. The recipe is simple: take a couple of sips of your seltzer, next pour vodka in the mouth part, then selectively remember only the good things about your past relationship, and then pick up my phone. Look it’s already open to a text convo because what’s done is done.

Whawouldhappen if you did text and I texted already? Spiraling emotions of excitement, embarrassment, anxiety, and the thrill of making a mistake. Yes, I am. I love this song turn it up! Wait… I’m gonna throw… no… okay. I’mokay.

I’m single annnnd they are not in a rrrreeeelationship. I know because I muted them on Instagram so I only check their stories enough to not be at the top of the list. I’m superstulfpp, excuse me…
I’m super self controlled. I created this boundary, it wouldn’t exist without me so it’s okay to break it.

Ohmygod we should cut eachothers hair! Okay maybe not it’s kinda dizzy in here…

Remember, texting is communicationing and communicationin… comunication is healthy. It’s Valentine’s day, I would be weird text on a different day. All of the hearts, flowers, and candy reminds me I haven’t had sex in a while.

You can’t change the past…five minutes, because I just asked them “How is everything?” That’s just polite.

Mercury Retrograde says not text your ex but I want attention from someone who is emotionally unavailable today. Tomorrow is tomorrow’s problem. Who else am I going to text, my crush? Texting my crush on Valentine’s Day would be psychotic.