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Opinion: I’m Tired of Being Called a Scrub for Polluting Less and Saving Money by Riding in the Passenger Side of My Best Friend’s Ride

Times are tough. With gas prices in extreme fluctuation, it seemed like a prudent move on my part to start carpooling. My best friend and I typically go places together in order to save money and to cut down on pollution. This is why I do not appreciate being labeled a “scrub” for riding shotgun while we cruise in the HOV lane.

Global warming is serious business and we need to take measures to pollute less. While individual action will never be enough, it still can’t hurt to decongest the highways by having one less car driving on them. I’m just trying to live by the motto “WWGTD” (What would Greta Thunberg do?). Are you going to call Greta Thunberg a scrub for advocating anti-pollution measures? I don’t think so.

And what exactly is your issue with walking places anyway? Exercise is good for you! Forgive me for not buying into your consumerist car-centered culture. I have two legs and I am not afraid to use them to get myself from point T to L to C.

Aren’t there more important things to rail against than individuals who do not independently own a car? Are finances and asset ownership all that matters to you? Is the value of a man really represented by the things he has? Should I be judged by my unwillingness to buy into the vapid consumerist capitalist structure? I’m disgusted by this entire situation.

Oh, and can I have like $300 to help me cover my rent this month?