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Opinion: If You Pay Really Close Attention, the Show Black Mirror Is Sort of Like What’s Going on Now

Let me just say right off the bat that yes, I am aware that television and reality are two different things (except for the news which is like sort of both.) That being said, have you ever noticed that the show Black Mirror, which is a science fiction show, is kind of like what we have going on now with all the technology and politics and stuff?

A little about me. I’m like, an intelligent person. I read books sometimes and like, I don’t even have to.

Black mirror started in 2011 as a comedy about a guy who has to have sex with a pig because of a bet I think. I didn’t really pay close attention but then the next episode was about a video game society that like, when you really think about it is kind of like what we have with our phones and stuff, and that shit was creepy. Like you’ll be watching the show and you’ll be all like “that technology seem really intrusive” but then you’ll be like “hey wait a minute, facebook is really intrusive.” Plus that one also has American Idol in it, which is weird because it’s a British show but whatever that’s not the point. The point is that the TV show is trying to tell us something, and I think the thing it’s telling us is like a bad thing.

Then the next Black Mirror has to do even more with phones and also the cloud which is friggin scary as hell because we have the cloud and all of our stuff is on it already and this show is saying “that’s basically, bad.” I didn’t watch this one but I read about it on IMDB and it scared the hell out of me. I gave it a 9.5.

All the other episodes are about facebooks and media and stuff, and when you analyze them they all seem to ask the question “is this stuff even good?”

Even the name Black Mirror has a message to it I think. Like when you really put it under the microscope it’s like they’re saying “hey this show is you, like we are reflecting you, like in a mirror, but it’s all like fucked.”

Oh my god you know what I just freaking realized?! When you turn your phone off it’s black, but also kind of reflective, like a black mirror! That’s just a coincidence but how insane is that?

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