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Opinion: I Would Consume Less Misinformation If The Regular Information Wasn’t Behind So Many Paywalls

Misinformation may be the single biggest threat to our democracy and unquestionably to blame for the growing divide in this country. But you know what? At least it’s free.

That’s right. I don’t have to shell out a couple bucks a month just to get the incorrect information delivered directly to my iPad every morning. It’s almost like you can’t put a price on misinformation. It’s worthless and I can afford that.

Have you ever tried sitting down and reading the regular information? It’s boring as hell. Especially when the misinformation is so entertaining. Like, how about spicing it up a little for your audience, New York Times? If I’m going to pay the same price for regular news that I do for Netflix even though I don’t pay for it at all because I use my ex’s password, at least throw some Mad Libs in there or something.

Misinformation on the other hand may be deceptive, harmful, and the source of my family’s arguments at major holidays, but it never disappoints. It’s like watching a train wreck of a Jerry Springer episode. I can’t look away even though I very much need to for the sake of my mental health!

Just the other day, I was reading an article from a completely free yet misinformed news outlet that was clearly just some schmuck’s half-baked opinion presented very convincingly as if it was the truth. Now, a guy like me can usually call bullshit when I see it. But this article on the benefits of fracking made some pretty good points about the alien lizard people who drink baby blood and vote Democrat stealing our jobs. The mainstream media seems to be curiously silent on this issue too.

Thankfully, some of the regular information gatekeepers of this country are nice enough to give me three free articles a month before erecting a paywall. That means one day a month I guess I’m pretty well-informed. But in all honesty, the rest of the month is a lot more interesting!