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Opinion: I Love Days N Daze, but I Wish They’d Find a New Couch to Crash On

I’m a huge Folk Punk fan and Days N Daze is one of my favorite bands. Their combination of frantic washboard and guitar mixed with trumpet and fun-loving, yet nihilistic, lyrics really gets me going.

But I really wish they would find a new couch to crash on.

The first time I heard a folk punk record was in 2010. Listening to those frantic vocals about hopping trains and doing hard drugs all I could think was, “Dad, hold on to my trust fund, I’m about to make some fucking terrible decisions.” It’s been 9 blurry years since that fateful day and now my only wish is that Whitney, Geoff, Jesse, and Megan would pack up their ukuleles and accordions and move on to the next stop of their tour. Seriously, how long can you really tour Southern Idaho? It’s been 3 months and I no longer remember silence.

And for the record, it’s apparently impossible to become smell-blind to body odor.

Look, I’ll even admit that when they played Chelsea’s boss’ mom’s bakery’s basement at 1am last week, it was pretty awesome. The space sold out and there were easily 15 people packed in there. But for fucks sake, Montana is right there!

I place the blame squarely on Craig at the State Liquor Store on Sherman Street. This is partially your fault for asking them on facebook to come play Pocatello and I’ll never forgive you. That said, I also must share in some of the blame. Give me and all my roommates scabies once? Shame on you. Give me and all my roommates scabies for 90 straight days? Shame on Plan-It-X Records.

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