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Opinion: I Don’t Hate People Based on Race, You Disgustingly Poor Sack of Shit

Hate comes from ignorance. It’s a manifestation of fear of the unknown. As an ivy league educated, well-traveled individual, I have experienced people of many different cultures and ethnicities. This is why I do not hate or judge people based on their race, unlike you, you disgustingly poor sack of shit.

Just look at you. I can see the prejudice in your eyes as clear as I can see the Goodwill on your clothes. Your hateful heart pumps blood into your racist veins like your septic tank pumps from your tiny peasant hovel to your minuscule yard full of crabgrass. Ew.

I don’t know what I find more disgusting- your lack of empathy for those in oppressed classes, or your lack of designer clothing. You know nothing of the world outside of your closed-minded community of blue collar and retail workers. When was the last time you even went to a gala to support indigenous peoples? Based on the broken down truck in your front yard I’m going to say it’s been at least a year.

You’re so poor I’m literally going to vomit.

Your ignorance knows no bounds. You judge those who are different than you who had no choice in the matter. I’m understanding though. When my rich parents were growing up, they wouldn’t even let poor people eat at the same country club as them. I mean, you still can’t but it’s not like I’m gonna say it you to your face. That’s what we pay the doorman for.

You need to get yourself educated and join the rest of us in 2018. Get off your poor, lazy ass and recognize how privileged you are (admittedly I am too and to the exact same extent you are), so we can come together as one peop- oh God, ew. I just thought about how poor you probably smell and I’m gonna vom again. Just fix your shit so you can join me in being part of the solution. Ugh. Thanks a lot. Now I need a spa day.

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