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Opinion: Biden Can Kiss My Fat Ass if He Thinks He Can Tax the $400,000 I Don’t Have Yet

Fuck Joe Biden. Plain and simple. Who does that commie bastard think he is trying to raise taxes on blue-collar workers like me? Sure, I may not have $400,000 yet but I work too damn hard for this man to think he can take it away from me once I finally do! I’m tired of democrats taxing salt-of-the-earth pre-millionaires like myself just so some scumbag welfare recipients can use their food stamps to get high on scratch-off tickets.

As far as my political affiliations go, let’s just say I’m socially liberal and fiscally hypothetical.

I’ve been working at this company for over twenty years and let me tell you, I don’t bust my ass for 80 hours a week so some socialist mother fucker can come along and take caviar out the mouths of my boss and his family. He’s worked his whole life to make sure people like me have the opportunity to make him money from sunup to sundown every single day. I owe this man my damn life. That’s what he calls it, anyway. You’d probably call it, “paying sky-high premiums for catastrophic health insurance.”

I know my big break is coming soon. I can feel it. I’m just a few lottery tickets away from hitting big and buying a lake house just like my boss. I’ll be damned if anybody thinks they can get in the way of that dream. Except for my boss, who does so on a regular basis.

I’ll defend his, and every American’s mass wealth, with every asthmatic breath in my withering body because I know that when I acquire that type of wealth, they’ll do the same for me.