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It’s Time We End Gerrymandering, the Electoral College, and Grey’s Anatomy

I don’t think there are many people out there who will tell you America has no problems to fix.

Let’s start with the electoral college. Our system for electing the president disproportionately gives influence to voters in a few select, dumb states. Ohio? Florida? Come on. It’s kinda like how some shows make the most annoying person in the entire cast the lead character against all logic. The electoral college has been around since the beginning of our country, and I believe it’s better to cancel something before it becomes ordinary and routine. I dream of an America where my presidential elections and Thursday prime-time TV hours are based in sanity.

And what about gerrymandering, the system frequently used by Republicans to manipulate the voting results of the regions that elect them? One can definitely draw parallels between this manipulation and a very specific type of emotional manipulation used by a certain NBC drama show to absolutely wreck my previous 4 girlfriends week-in and week-out for years.

This leads us to the final evil facing our country today. Not quite on the same level of importance as the other two, but close.

Can someone please tell me how the fuck Grey’s Anatomy is still on the air over 15 years after it premiered?

And what are the odds that every girlfriend of mine since 11th grade watches this God-forsaken show like it’s genuine prestige TV? I think it’s statistically improbable. I hate this show; I have always hated this show. Hell, even Katherine Heigl hates this show. But I know more about the Grey’s Anatomy universe than I do my new brother-in-law. I can’t escape it. This network-drama system of oppression has caused me to miss two presidential elections (don’t ask) and is the sole reason I didn’t pay my taxes in 2010 and 2015 (really, don’t ask).

But maybe it’s too late for our generation. Gerrymandering and the electoral college have combined with Grey’s to create a trifecta of societal damage we can only hope our grandchildren can solve. Who knows how many votes were lost, or manipulated, or bored to tears that could have swayed elections? No one can know for sure, but I believe that Grey’s Anatomy is the primary reason why Donald Trump is president today.

Please, fucking end it. Fuck this show.