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Instead of Scary Forest or Dirty Warehouse Maybe We Pick Some Place Nice for Our Photo Shoot This Time?

Okay hear me out, fellas. I’m not trying to say that our past photo shoots weren’t great. I love the memories we made that time we trudged through a dark, winter forest and stood for hours in the snow trying to capture the sun perfectly illuminating our studded armbands. That’s why I can still feel the pneumonia like it was just yesterday. And also because it’s become a chronic condition.

And I’ll always love that time we snuck into an old abandoned warehouse, fighting through cobwebs and stepping on cockroach-filled rats so we could nail that shot of us scowling in front of a rusty door. Bruce, your vision truly came to life on that one.

All I’m trying to say is, what if we tried someplace nice? Like, one time? Just putting it out there. As an example, what if we did a summer-y tiki backyard pool photoshoot? I know it might get a little hot for our full denim outfits or that leather getup Devon loves. But it might be nice to switch it up and get some band photos without also getting tetanus.

Alternatively, have we ever considered a trip to the beach? I’m not saying we have to smile and do anything enjoyable or even fun. But what if we tried to pull off our signature spine-chilling poses with a gentle ocean breeze at our backs? We could take a break from some of our more involved footwear and just bury our toes in the sand. It’s not like anyone could see our spikey boots when we were knee-deep in snow anyway. Plus, this time none of us will get our socks wet. Remember how we got our socks wet? A real day-ruiner.

So anyway, the beach! I’m thinking we pose poolside. Or even at a cozy Airbnb with a nice view. I’ve done a little digging already and found some pretty good deals on charming off-season ski lodges in Vermont.

Or we could go with Corey’s idea of us climbing through razor wire in an abandoned mental institution. A weekend in the hospital could be fun too.