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If I Have to Vote for a DC Insider, It’s Gonna Be Ian Mackaye

I take my voting seriously. I’m not one of these people who believe in protest votes. Too many scene veterans gave up their lives and clean rap sheets for me to make a mockery of voting for some joke.

We all want someone we can believe in, but last time I checked, we’re all punks. We all know nobody’s worth believing in. It’s always going to be a choice between an outsider or a DC insider. The insider always wins.

That’s why if I have to vote for a DC Insider, my vote goes to Ian MacKaye. It’s a no-brainer.

Ian is the only guy who has a solid track record of getting things done in DC for decades. When I think DC, one name comes to mind. Bands, shows, labels, Ian is a job creator like nobody else. When any goof with a camera comes by for a documentary, Ian always makes time.

Is Ian the only person I considered voting for? Of course not. I would love to cast my vote for HR. In my heart, he’s the guy. He’s got more presence and passion in his little finger than all these other people combined. Is HR as qualified as Ian? Fuck yeah, he is. That said, if we’re going to talk about HR, we need to have a serious discussion about electability.

Sadly, too much of the country isn’t ready for HR. That’s a shame.

Is there anyone else out of DC worth your vote? I can already hear some of you: what about Henry Rollins?

Rollins’ DC roots speak for themself. He’s as qualified for the gig as Ian and HR. But with Rollins there’s always going to be whispers about going Hollywood. Is he the same Hank from DC? I think so, but there are too many voters out there afraid of an old “sell-out” scandal to pop up right before the election. We just can’t risk it.

Whenever the next big election is, if I remember to show up, I’m voting for Ian MacKaye.