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Craigslist “Gigs” Section Lands Band Sweet Opportunity to Help Move Couch

ST. LOUIS — Kansas City pop-punks Birdnoculars secured a paid opportunity earlier this week to help move a couch and other items amidst their two-state “mid Mid-Western” tour, thanks entirely to the “Gigs” section of digital classifieds website Craigslist, a source confirmed.

The band, looking to fill in four TBA dates on a seven-day tour with the help of social media, had all but given up hope of finding work when bassist Evan Park discovered the last-minute “hook up,” a paid gig sourced through the Columbia/Jefferson City-area Craigslist page.

“When we found out our Jefferson City ‘gig’ was actually just helping some dude move a sectional sofa up a fifth-story walk-up, we were pretty bummed,” said singer Lori Haynes. “But he paid us $10 AND bought us pizza! And we got to choose a topping!”

With cash-in-pocket to pay for gas and a warm meal to balance out “that box of Larabars we swiped from Chris’s mom’s house,” the four-piece toured through several other towns sourcing gigs through the website, taking paid surveys, doing light yard work, and, at one point, devoting six hours to work as brand ambassadors for a local beef jerky company sold at “several fine retail locations.”


“It’s just cool hooking up with other people who value the DIY lifestyle, and are willing to pay someone to do it for them,” Haynes said. “Plus, after years of playing shows, it feels good to be recognized as working musicians by the people paying us to remove scrap lumber from an old barn just outside of Topeka.”

“Or musicians who work, or however you wanna put it,” she added.

Birdnoculars ended their tour two days early after a high-paying opportunity for “OPeN MiNDed aNd TIckLiSh GiRLs” ended up being “not nearly as fun as it sounded.”

Photo by Dan Luberto @TheDanLuberto.