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Two Opening Snare Hits From Thursday’s “Understanding in a Car Crash” Inducted Into Emo Hall of Fame

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. — The Emo Hall of Fame announced its latest wave of inductees which includes the snare drum that opens Thursday’s classic song “Understanding in a Car Crash,” confirmed multiple sources wearing Saucony shoes.

“I’m so proud that I got to play a small part in this historic moment by playing a very small part to open that song,” said Thursday’s drummer Tucker Rule. “I’m hoping that someday the entire song will be inducted, as well as the rest of ‘Full Collapse,’ and maybe even the entire band, but for right now this is a moment to celebrate. I can still remember the day we decided to use the snare to open the song. Originally it started with Geoff (Rickley) saying ‘Ok start now’ as a signal for the guitar to kick in, but one time during practice I dropped my sticks at the exact right moment and history was made.”

Longtime Thursday fans were excited to see an important component of one of their favorite songs finally getting recognition.

“Everyone knows the album opens with this mellow ambient track that doesn’t really add all that much. You sit through it and then out of nowhere the snare drum hits you and changes everything,” said 39-year-old emo fan Kevin Finch. “Anytime I hear that snare sound I get transported back to 2001. It reminds me of how I used to be able to wear a youth large shirt without it being torn to shreds, and how I ruined my family’s sink when I tried dying my hair black. Those were simpler times, back when the closest thing we had to social media was Makeoutclub.”

Dr. Juan Reyes, the president of the Emo Hall of Fame, says there will be an entire exhibit dedicated to the snare sound.

“We are setting up a listening library that will play that .02-second long music clip on repeat for anyone to listen to and enjoy,” said Dr. Reyes. “It will join the amp buzz that opens up Saves the Day’s ‘Through Being Cool,’ the 5 seconds of messing around at the beginning of American Football’s ‘Never Meant,’ and the final kick drum during the fade out of The Get Up Kids’ ‘Something to Write Home About.’ I encourage any fan of real emo to come by and check out the exhibit. But if you try coming in here wearing an All Time Low shirt, just expect trouble.”

The Emo Hall of Fame also announced the construction of a state-of-the-art prison that is expected to house anyone that calls Weezer an emo band.