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Two Man Noise Group Promises to Bring Something New to Bumming out Hardcore Scene

VALENCIA, Calif. – While setting up their multiple broken synthesizers and effect pedals, local noise group Meat Citizen promised the crowd that their set will bring something unique and innovative to bumming people out.

“Oh yeah, we could definitely just play too long or too loud, but that’s generic. I’d rather make everyone leave the room for a reason that’s special to us,” vocalist and man who hits two pots together, Kevin Green, said.

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Green says that in 2014, noise lost touch with the real message of the music. This year is a clean slate, and a chance for him to really get back to his roots. “I hear the punks talking about how much fun they had at a show. It makes me lose hope. As noise artists, we aren’t doing enough to make ourselves undesirable to be around,” Green said.

Show promoter Steven Hanscom wasn’t as pessimistic: “These guys had a lot of hype behind them and they really lived up to it. Not a single person here enjoyed that performance.”

Article by TCM.