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Top 15 Operation Ivy Songs That Would Be On Their Setlist if They Ever Got Their Shit Together and Reunited Already

Operation Ivy broke up nearly 35 years ago, but ever since, their fanbase has been going through a “will they or won’t they” moment with rumors mildly swirling of them getting the band back together every few years. Since they can’t quite get their shit figured out and just continue to keep us all on the edge of our seats, we’ve decided to assemble a list of their top 15 songs that would definitely be on their setlist during a reunion tour, whenever they stop dragging their feet.

“Sound System”

Tim Armstrong and Jesse Michaels recently got together and performed this one live, which means they still know how to play it. A very good sign that they at least still think about us and consider our needs.


At one point, every third punk band in existence covered this song, including Green Day. Someone had to fill the Op Ivy-shaped hole in all of our hearts. But now it’s time for the boys to plug up the gaping wound themselves.

“The Crowd”

This one is a fan favorite, so they’re going to want to play it early and often as a way to say “sorry for taking so long to right this reunion ship, you guys.” Well, apology not accepted.

“Healthy Body”

There’s going to come a time when we’ll want to see the audience open up the pit to start skanking. That’s when they bust out this number and Tim showcases his upstroke guitar prowess and everyone realizes their bodies are no longer healthy, in fact most people at the show are near death.


Matt Freeman is an undeniable talent at bass, so naturally we’re going to want to tune him out in favor of the singer and guitarist. But Matt really shines on this one especially, if you’re into that sort of thing.

“Yellin’ In My Ear”

Not many ska punk bands are good at both ska and punk. Usually one or the other. Sometimes neither. But somehow the Ivy excels at every genre they touch, particularly this song. It’s a setlist no-brainer.


Operation Ivy should at least consider doing that thing the Misfits do and reunite every so often at major festivals and Madison Square Garden. They don’t even have to ever write new music or anything. You can’t just compose a song like “Jaded” and never play it out loud ever again.

“Big City”

We’re already midway through the set and I already know it’ll be worth the hefty ticket price of $35, which includes the $18 Ticketmaster handling fee. Greedy bastards. In fact, Ticketmaster fees may be the reason they haven’t gotten back together. Damn you, capitalist hustlers.

“Take Warning”

To this point, we’ve been on a streak of several consecutive high-energy songs. However, a successful setlist needs to bring it down a notch every now and then. “Take Warning” seems to have been written for that exact purpose.


Once you become a legendary band, it’s not really up to you anymore when you decide to call it quits. As your fans, we do. You have an obligation to satiate the palates of your supporters. That’s what “Unity” is all about, I think.


The background vocals on this song hold almost equal weight to the foreground vocals. It’s going to make singing along as an audience member a real bitch, but ultimately a risk we’re willing to take if it means we’re hearing “Bombshell” in person.

“Bad Town”

This is the part of the show where the band brings out the saxophone player from the Toasters to play “Bad Town.” It’s going to be incredible. Then the singer of Reel Big Fish is going to come out for some reason. Then one of guys from Less Than Jake. And also every member of the Specials. No one will know why.

“Room Without a Window”

While other singers average 200 words a song, it feels like Jesse Michaels nearly quadruples that in his lyrics. That’s more bang for your buck and something that needs attention on a worldwide stage, like Riot Fest. That’s where all bands reunite at some point in their careers.

“Junkie’s Runnin’ Dry”

This almost feels like an early Rancid song so you know Tim’s going to want it in there. He was going by “Lint” when he was in Operation Ivy, of course. But now he just goes by Tim. Something we can’t fully get behind.


If you’re reading this, Operation Ivy. Feel free to use this as a guide when curating your reunion setlist. It was carefully crafted over a 90-day period. I’ve already done the hard part for you. C’mon, reunite already.