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Punk Still on the Fence About Attending Show Two Weeks Ago

DALLAS – After days of deliberation, scene veteran Preston Lemons still hadn’t decided whether to attend a show at the Nickel and Dime Club that took place two weeks ago, according to those closest to the aging punk.

“I’m just not sure it’s worth it,” said Lemons from the comfort of his living room, a full 336 hours since the show ended. “I know Josh and the boys from Satan Seed are on tour, so I’m not even sure who’s all gonna be there. Most of the bands I don’t even know. But The Nickel has cheap beer on Wednesdays, so I’m a bit torn here.”

While planning the logistics of going, Lemons reportedly found many reasons not to attend.

“It’s a 15-minute drive to the venue, so with traffic, you’re looking at nearly 23 minutes. I’m not looking to be out all night — I have errands to run early tomorrow,” said Lemons. “And don’t even get me started on the parking situation in that part of town. It’ll be a nightmare.”

Allegedly, three nights after the show, Lemons still sought potential friends with whom to attend.

“Preston texted me at, like, four in the morning, asking if I wanted to roll through to check out The Dirty Dandies. I was real groggy, but even then, I knew that show already happened,” said longtime friend Jeannette Kaplan. “And I knew the show had passed because I went alone, and somebody spilled beer on me during the opener. It was a shitty night. I could’ve used a friend.”

Lemons, who was last seen at a show in late summer, reportedly spent most of the day of the show at a pharmacy, deciding between tiger balm and Ben-Gay to ease some nagging injuries.

“With the way the weather’s been lately, my knees and back have been so stiff. I’m not going anywhere near a pit until I figure out which of these works best,” said Lemons. “But we’ll see how I feel after a couple weeks of using this stuff. Maybe by then, I’ll be ready to hit that show.”

Upon finding an Icy Hot coupon, Lemons added, “I should make a pros and cons list.”