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Punk Rock Museum Asks Rock and Roll Hall of Fame if It Can Bum a Couple of Exhibits

LAS VEGAS — Representatives from the Punk Rock Museum recently reached out to their counterparts at the Rock and Roll Hame of Fame to ask if they could “bum a couple of priceless cultural artifacts,” cheap sources confirmed.

“We really only need, like, two or three things to get by for a while. So, you know, we figure the Hall of Fame’s got some exhibits just lying around that they could spare. Us legitimate museums gotta help each other out, right?” explained Punk Rock Museum curator Thurston Marsh. “And we don’t really care if the exhibits are even all that punk. Really we’re just kinda hurtin’ for anything right now, so if all we can get is like a wax figure of Eric Clapton or a lock of Stevie Nicks’ hair we’ll figure out a way to make it work. We’re not picky.”

Punk museum attendee Heather Garber expressed confusion as to the inclusion of several incongruous exhibits on display in the museum.

“There’s a lot that doesn’t make sense here,” said Garber. “Like, the exhibit about the influence of doo wop kinda tracks, but why in the hell does a museum about punk rock have Babe Ruth’s leg bones on display? It’s like the curators stole them from the Baseball Hall of Fame. It seems like they just got whatever they could from whatever museums they weren’t already kicked out of.”

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame President Greg Harris detailed the long history between the two historical music institutions.

“First of all, that piece of shit museum has only been around for like three months, so don’t go misquoting me with anything about it being ‘prestigious’ or having a ‘long history’ or any of that crap,” Harris emphatically stated. “The Punk Museum tries to mooch off us all the time and it’s just so typical of their type. Thank fuck they’re all the way over in Vegas so they can’t crash in our museum lobby out here in scenic Cleveland.”

At press time, curators from the Punk Rock Museum were seen asking the Holiday Inn next door to it if it was cool if they ran an extension cord to access the hotel’s electricity and then “just throw ya a few bucks” at the end of the month.