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Punk Band Suddenly Art Rock After Receiving First Trust Fund Payment

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. – Sibling members of local DIY punk band Reserve recently changed their musical style and image after discovering they are the beneficiaries of a family trust, jealous sources confirmed.

“We’ve really matured lately,” said vocalist, drummer, and eldest brother Anders Albrecht. “It’s pretty crazy to think that only days ago when we were poor, our music was so utterly unrefined, full of anger, and raw. This week we’ve started to explore longer songs, odd tempos, and multiple movements. It’s just hard to convey real emotion in ninety seconds of angry, thrashing punk music. The real game-changer was quitting our jobs, which freed up tons of time for rehearsing and buying new gear. I think we’ll build a home studio next. Truly amazing what a little financial stability can do for the evolution of the group.”

Adam Pelagia, a longtime fan of the group, noted that the brothers have even begun to explore new venues to better suit their sudden change in style and direction.

“I’ve seen these guys play a million basements, but last week they did a house party way up in the hills. Good set, but the crowd was real stiff and I didn’t see anyone else in Docs,” Pelagia said while double-fisting a PBR and an American Spirit. “Must have been a new spot, because no one had put stickers up in the bathrooms yet. Kind of got the vibe that everyone there not only started art school, but finished it, too. I was surprised the band finally ditched their duct-taped guitar straps and trash can cymbals, but the projector playing ‘Requiem for a Dream’ really threw me. Plus, their bassist ‘Skunk’ who is known to launch snot rockets mid-set actually pulled out a monogrammed silk handkerchief at one point.”

Reserve’s newly-hired manager Rich Neebly believes the the band’s evolution is positive..

“They say money can’t buy happiness, but it can definitely help you outbid other artists for a tour. We’re officially doing six weeks in Europe this summer, followed by a month-long stay at Coco Chanel’s former hotel suite in Paris to start writing the next record. And to top it off, instead of selling lame t-shirts, we’re actually going to auction off NFTs during the show so the most committed fans can flex their one-of-one digital artwork in the metaverse. Nothing says ‘real fan’ quite like a blockchain record of how much you paid for a .JPEG.”

At press time, the group had left town to attend “a thing on a boat” and could not be reached for further comment.