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Pop Punk Band Running out of Obscure Movie Quotes to Use as Song Titles

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Local pop-punk darlings Break Shot are running out of obscure movie quotes to inspire song titles for their newest release, Weekend At Ernie’s, unamused sources confirmed.

“Every pop-punk band comes out the gate, firing clever little pop culture winks and nods in their catalog — the Get Up Kids had ‘I’m A Loner, Dottie, A Rebel.’ Taking Back Sunday had ‘Set Phasers To Stun,’” said scene historian and long-time pop-punk aficionado Devon Weir. “The list goes on and on.”

Scotty Jones, drummer and main lyricist of Break Shot, noted that the longer the band has continued, the more they’ve struggled to come up with song titles.

“Lyrics are easy, but coming up with a title that’s completely unrelated to the subject matter of a song — a title that’s just some stupid movie quote that’ll make a fan say, ‘Oh… yeah, I remember this, from that ’80s movie about a robot that was also a cop?’ That’s like a whole other level of songwriting,” Jones explained. “Our fans love it, and we’re not about to ass out now.”

Despite running low on totally unrelated quotes, the band is determined to continue.

“It’d probably be easier if every pop-punk band wasn’t doing the same thing and just banking on nostalgia to lure in new fans… but now, there are hardly any ’80s or ’90s movie quotes left for the rest of us,” Jones said. “This next album is basically all Christopher Walken quotes for song titles, so I think we’re gonna be fine with there. But after that, who knows?”

Meanwhile, Break Shot fan Annie Wood is among many who are reportedly “over” the band’s song naming gimmick.

“Last time I saw them, they kept trying to get everyone to chant in unison the title of the next song… which was, ‘What Was I Thinking? Oh, That’s Right, Yee-Haw!’” she recalled. “As far as I can tell, that song’s about standing by your friends. I don’t know why they named it after one of Nicolas Cage’s lines from Con Air in the first place — this schtick was funny at first, but four albums worth of songs later, it’s like, ‘Come on dude.’”

At press time, all members of Break Shot were re-watching every episode of The Simpsons in the hopes of mining what they believe to be an untapped resource for song titles.