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OK Go Spends Six Months Filming Video but Forgets to Write Song for It

EVANSTON, Ill. — Indie rock band OK Go had to pause the filming of their latest elaborate music video due to the fact that they forgot to compose a song for it, sources confirmed.

“Ever leave your house with that feeling that you forgot something? That was me this morning with writing and recording a song for this music video I was on my way to filming,” said OK Go member Andy Ross. “It’s just one of those things. I thought Damien was going to write and record the whole song. But he thought Tim was going to do it. And of course Tim thought I was going to take the lead on it. This is almost as embarrassing as the time we forgot to bring all 12 of our treadmills to one of our gigs. We were forced to cancel that show.”

The music video’s director KC Soyer chronicled the day.

“It was an ambitious video from the start, so much going on and it took place in 12 locations across the world,” explained Soyer. “There was a mile-long stretch of road that, if you had a good telescope, you could zoom in and out of all the different scenes in real-time. So like, it’d be one shot but zooming in and out of all the action. It took a lot of coordination from all members of the band, with the traffic and all, so like, everyone was really busy. It wasn’t until month four of filming that we figured out that OK Go didn’t have music ready for it. We continued anyway.”

Experts were quick to note other times this has happened in music history.

“Bands with legendary music videos oftentimes put less or even no time in making songs for them,” said music historian David Brierson. “Tool famously made entire stop-motion music videos and didn’t write songs for them until after they were done filming. Evidently, this was all part of their process. This is probably why Tool sounds like that. They needed to match the intensity of their creepy animated videos.”

At press time, OK Go was already in the works of their next music video, which was set to debut in 2024 with the accompanying song for it coming out in 2026.