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Male-Fronted Hardcore Band Proves That Guys Can Rock, Too

BALTIMORE — Suffrage, a new all-male hardcore band, is a group of radical-minded men intent on proving once and for all that guys can rock, too.

“Suffrage plays fast, loud and aggressive which is not something you might expect from a bunch of dudes,” said guitarist “Nasty” Nate Garcia. “We don’t care how many times we get stopped at the door of the venue and asked if we are dating one of the girls in the bands; we are here to shake things up in a scene that has historically been a girls’ club.

Members of the masculine band are unapologetic when it comes to showing off their bodies on stage.

“If I get all hot and sweaty on stage you better believe I’m going to take off my shirt, and if you don’t like that, well, get used to it,” said frontman “Big” Tim Ramsey proudly sporting lengthy armpit hair for the whole world to see. “I don’t wear sleeveless shirts for you; I wear sleeveless shirts for me, so if you can’t handle a full-bodied man in a position of power, then don’t come to the shows.”

Brian Worrick is a huge supporter of the band and has followed Suffrage from the beginning.

“Discovering this band was the push I needed to finally build up the courage to start making zines that focused on men in hardcore,” said Worrick. “Beef Boys, which has its third issue coming out as soon as I make the first and second issues, gives a spotlight and voice to underrepresented straight white males in the scene like me.”

Suffrage has already received glowing praise across multiple social media platforms.

“The vocalist is so good you can hardly tell he is a guy,” said a Tweet from @AmandaJames. “And look at the bassist in his cute little shorts. Uh yeah, #would.”

During a recent performance with six other all-male hardcore acts, Ramsey had a bold message for the crowd.

“You might not like the thought of men playing in hardcore bands, and it might be tough for you to wrap your little head around, but dudes are here to stay. Guys to the fucking front.”

Picture by Chase Perkins. 


  1. centralpunkster February 3, 2015

    Guy Power!

  2. Ratbag February 3, 2015

    It’s a fad. It’ll never last.

  3. Joeld February 3, 2015

    Well written. Loving this site more each day.

  4. ChrisPis'd February 3, 2015

    We need bands like this in Crapifornia.

  5. dixon February 3, 2015

    I really think what they are doing is great! It’s really refreshing to see some guys doing this! They are a great example for all the young guys out there.

  6. Queen Buttface February 3, 2015

    I bet their girlfriends write all their songs.

  7. Brotastic BJJ February 3, 2015

    I hope they have a roadie to make sure they get home safely and during gigs. A hardcore show is no place for guys. I know i don’t want to curb my actions in the pit to accommodate some dude who can’t take a punch to his crotch.

  8. radicool February 3, 2015

    Boys and hardcore? damn, they should stick to their football and car obsessions. they probably are only being a hardcore band to look ‘cool and edgy’- sorry to burst your bubble but girls don’t think that’s cute. Keep to your sports.

  9. Liam February 4, 2015

    satire or nah?

  10. PigMan February 4, 2015

    Holy shit the satire in this world has gone full retard.

  11. jtyarks February 4, 2015

    Reblogged this on J.T. and commented:

  12. grrlfest February 4, 2015

    This is the ONE time when reading the comments is very recommended! 10/10 HardTimes!

  13. Greg February 4, 2015

    The comma in the title . . . why . . .

  14. chixpox February 4, 2015

    sigh. make way for the grammer police.

  15. Kristina X Kramer February 6, 2015

    Most of these articles are funny, but this one is pretty lame. If you still think gender is a relevant thing in hc you’re kind of a dumbass

  16. dustndots February 8, 2015

    It must be super hard having to get by on actual talent and charisma, instead of just getting fans cause you look good and have boobs. Good on these guys.

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