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Iggy Azalea Clarifies She Only Listens to Early Skrewdriver

MIAMI — Iggy Azalea, a white rapper currently at the center of a heated debate about race and cultural appropriation in the rap game, clarified to reporters Monday that she only listens to early Skrewdriver.

“Everyone is coming at me like I’m benefiting from hundreds of years of oppression, but honestly I don’t even listen to anything after All Skrewed Up,” Azalea said.

Azalea’s adamant claim that she only listens to “the early stuff” of one of the most prominent white power bands in the history of music didn’t do much to quell the concerns of her critics. And these deleted tweets The Hard Times managed to screen cap refute any claims that Azalea prefers one part of Skrewdrivers discography to another.


Azalea’s Twitter feed has been at the heart of the criticism coming from the blogosphere after a feud with Azealia Banks, a critically acclaimed black rapper who feels Azalea probably listens to Driver’s later stuff too, spun out of control. But this is the first time Azalea has been seen actively mentioning and quoting white nationalist leader and Skrewdriver frontman, Ian Stuart.

“Just keep your politics to yourself and enjoy some good ol’ fashioned Oi!” Azalea tweeted to Banks.

The Australian-born star agreed to sit down with the Hard Times after a private screening of her favorite movie, ‘Romper Stomper’, to discuss the scandal.


“It’s hard to get my thoughts across in only 140 characters, that’s why I invited you here to my private theater to speak with me in person. Everyone wants to talk about cultural appropriation, everyone wants to talk about white rappers selling more albums than black rappers – but no one wants to talk about the real issue: immigration,” Azalea said before her PR person cut the interview short.

Article by The Hard Times staff.

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  1. Tom January 5, 2015

    Back With a Bang isn’t even on All Skrewed Up. It’s from Boots and Braces.

  2. Driverist January 5, 2015

    Back with a bang was a 12″ in 1982, Boots & Braces compilation was released in 1987. Noob.

    • LearnToRead January 5, 2015

      “And these deleted tweets The Hard Times managed to screen cap refute any claims that Azalea prefers one part of Skrewdrivers discography to another.”

  3. fake much January 5, 2015

    show me a time you could ever screencap tweets in Times New Roman. your image quality is so shitty because your caps are fake AF

    • Burrrr January 5, 2015


    • Jayke January 7, 2015

      You know this whole site is just satire right?

      • Josh January 14, 2015

        I really don’t think they do….its bizarre

  4. Steve January 5, 2015

    She should be able to listen to what she wants… Who gives a fuck if the sadly lacking in intelligence brigade take offence…. In fact, if they do, she must be doing something right…. It’s for the blood and honour. Personally, I hope she does like Skrewdriver, they were an honest band, unlike all the mega rich black rappers and the Al Sharpton hate brigade…. Get some pride and hail the new dawn… You are the diamonds in the dust.

    • jeff January 6, 2015

      too bad she dates black dudes!!! she’s a mudshark

  5. MissApril361 January 5, 2015

    I think is stupid that this is even an issue. I like skrewsriver… I like whole wheat bread. I like voodoo glow skulls.. Who cares. Screwdriver and Rahowa made excellent music.

  6. Seany Tsunami January 5, 2015

    you guys know this is a joke story, right?

  7. Leonard Shields January 5, 2015

    I knew those guys when I lived in London before they became a racist skinhead band. Me and the singer, ian stuart, used to talk and drink together. One night someone stole all of their gear and they disappeared off the punk scene in London for a few months. When they surfaced, they were racists and had a new following. Ian tried play me off as I was talking to him before the show, acting like he wasn’t talking to me. Oh, by the way, I’m black! True story…

  8. Schwarze Wulff January 5, 2015

    Back with a bang is from the racist era of skrewdriver…this bitch needs to stop trying to steal my people’s music, and pretending she knows what the struggle is really about…Fuck off iggy! Ian Stuart would have nothing to do with you!

    • Logan January 9, 2015

      This entire website is all a joke. None of this is real.

  9. Nate January 6, 2015

    I seriously can’t get over how many people don’t realize that these stories are hilariously fake.

  10. Jenni January 6, 2015

    I just read that and I am so confused. She doesn’t listen to anything later than the bands first album? So what part of this is oi? I am 100% for punk rock and at first thought it was really cool that this chick even knew punk, but shit, listen to some NOFX or something.

  11. Ben G January 6, 2015

    I think this is all ubsurd! Every musician has been influenced by other musicians and have taken bits and pieces of their sounds from other musicians. So why do black musicians own one type of music? Shouls all white people look down on black country artists? I think not. Live and let live and play and listen to anything you want!

  12. Michael Argyros January 6, 2015

    Jesus, you people are as dumb as a box of hammers.

  13. Mike MacDougall January 7, 2015

    I’m so tired of seeing this level of stupidity in the news…. get a fucking life…. This is bullshit to rile up the masses and fuel racism, nothing more. You’re not going to erase history and this girl HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SLAVERY.

    You gonna hang Eric Clapton and Led Zeppelin too? How about Charlie Pride? You gonna bitch because he played ‘white music’?

    I’m a bass player. Almost all of my idols have been black. I like what they play and it has effected how I play… does that really make me a racist appropriator of black culture? Do I have to stick to the goddamn obo and play straight up classical music to have a clear conscience? Rubbish!

    Just about everything by Zeppelin, Cream, early Beatles, the Stones, basically the whole pop music industry of the 50’s and 60’s and 70’s and 80’s and so on… you name it…. it was all influenced by, or straight up lifted from old black blues music… Hendrix used tonnes of ‘white’ classical style in his playing, motown is full of string arrangements, a white guy invented both the fender strat and the electric bass and a different white guy invented the les paul… take it a step back and guitars are Spanish are they not??? Why didn’t Spain get it’s due when Jimi played the star spangled banner? If you want to start segregating art based on race, you have a shitpile of homework to do beyond Hip Hop to figure out who owns what. You can also throw out the entirety of rock n roll and pop culture altogether if you want to erase this ‘problem’. It’s been a melting pot since the beginning.

    1. Who invented the drum machine, the turntable, the microphone and would hip hop exist without them?
    2. What color skin were those people wrapped in?
    3. Why in the fuck does it matter??

    Musicians have been ‘appropriating’ eachother’s music for thousands of years… there are only 12 notes in western music… 12… every song you know probably… 12 notes…. what do you expect, no one will ever repeat anything? Hip hop was born in black culture and will always be of black culture, but it left the nest a long time ago. Everything comes from somewhere and a genre doesn’t belong to a race, to believe so is extremely racist and just plain stupid.

    • J January 14, 2015

      Mike macdougall you need to chill. im officially putting you in time out until you figure it out.

  14. hh January 7, 2015

    this is SO fake, mess smh.

  15. Latin Cheese January 8, 2015

    LOLing at the people in the comments taking this seriously.

  16. Gary January 9, 2015

    this is what’s wrong with punk rock today – politically correct, humorless sheep who love hearing themselves talk….or in this case write. Iggy’s alright. She’s actually doing a cover of Pink Panzer on her next release.

  17. shebarocks January 9, 2015

    that’s even gayer than only listening to early pet shop boys.

  18. Scarz January 16, 2015

    Man. Some people wouldn’t know satire if an underpaid journalist showed them an example on the innernet

    • resdee January 20, 2015

      Do we need to even go there…the people not “getting it” really amaze me how they even make it through life on a day to day basis without assistance. Cheers!

  19. lacey January 18, 2015

    Hahaha! ^^^ all this shits rediculous! Thanks for the laugh tho! Seriously. Ha hah!

  20. resdee January 20, 2015

    Nobody needs to lie…when Hail The New Dawn dropped every punk I knew was listening to that shit in their closet!

  21. Rod Munch January 26, 2015

    I love the fact that she has a cock…and now she likes screwdriver too? OMG I’m in luv!

  22. Hellscape January 26, 2015

    Obvious ironic joke = dozens of people out themselves as actually racist. I love it. There is no hope.

  23. Robbiecrust January 27, 2015

    All screwed up is an awesome album. Excellent early eighties oi….oh ya,and mike mcdougall is an idiot/retard

  24. Latterly Unbelievable January 31, 2015

    It’s a sad day for punk rock: today, the writers of a popular punk satire site resigned en masse upon realising that, no matter how funny they are, they will never, ever be as funny as the comments under this article.

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