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Huge Monday Night Show Draws Almost Every Band Member

SAN FRANCISCO — A huge hardcore show happening at the Submission Gallery just received its 28th Facebook RSVP and is sure to draw almost every band member.

The bands, which will almost certainly be paid out of the promoter’s pocket – as per tradition in hardcore, showed their enthusiasm for the gig by spreading the flyer to everyone in the bands’ group text.

“I just didn’t want to bother anyone on my Facebook feed with the information on how to get to my show,” Kevin Gillion, frontman of the headlining act, who has never handed out a paper flyer in his life said. “Our booking agent takes care of all that stuff.”

Gillion says his band, Brick Teeth, earns their $500 guarantee with each one of their epic backs-turned-to-the-crowd performances.

James Tran, the band’s drummer, is still a “Maybe” on the Facebook event.

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Despite promises made on the flyer, Javiar Lopez, the show’s promoter, plans to delay the start of the show until there is enough people to make a flimsy, one-row-deep half circle around the opening band. According to a source close to the event that spoke to The Hard Times on the condition of anonymity, at least one old guy will have already left at that point.

“If it’s a Friday or a Saturday then my job is a living hell. On a Monday? Ha! I don’t even have to try,” a “No Stage Diving” sign on the wall of the venue told The Hard Times.

Photo by Matt Gill.


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