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Henry Rollins to Start Third Black Flag

LOS ANGELES — With the Black Flag name mired in turmoil, Henry Rollins has set out to start a third touring Black Flag cover band called “Flack Blag.”

There are currently two other offshoots of this once-legendary band, touring under the names Black Flag and Flag.

“I was just sick of seeing these guys destroy the art I helped create. I didn’t leave a solid job scooping ice cream to have the good name of Black Flag dragged through the mud,” Henry Rollins said.

Current lead singer of Black Flag Mike V. tweeted “Henry, please call me, big fan.”

Speaking through his lawyer, Greg Ginn responded to this announcement by saying “Mr. Rollins’ band Flack Blag will never see the light of day because Mr. Ginn has copyrights on all names even remotely similar to Black Flag including but not limited to ‘Blag Flack,’ ‘Flag Black,’ and ‘Blag.’ Also, Greg Ginn is a great father and anyone who says otherwise will be sued for defamation.”


When asked about the current situation, original lead singer Keith Morris said simply: “fucking figures.”


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